Colour Psychology for Interiors: Why Blue is the Way to Go

Blue InteriorsColour psychology has helped many homeowners decide what to paint their walls and ceiling, what furniture to buy and what other accents to install to make a well-design home. Each colour represents a certain emotion, bringing out the personality of the people living in the area. For instance, households that want a peaceful and relaxing interior would go for blue because it’s similar to the sky and bodies of water like the lake or sea.

Here are some reasons to choose blue according to home improvement sites, such as HGTV and Better Homes and Gardens, and professional painters like Barker-Whittle Master Painters & Decorators:

Blue Helps You Sleep Well

A good night’s sleep involves being able to fall asleep immediately as you hit the bed. As such, you need colours that are strong enough to keep you awake. Blue is an ideal choice for any bedroom, as it helps relax and free the mind. It gives you a cool and peaceful environment, especially the lighter shades, helping you feel secure and fall asleep faster.

Blue Has a Cooling Effect

A hot and sunny room can make you stay away from the area until late afternoon or evening. With different shades of blue, however, you can stay anytime because it has a cooling effect. Even if the room is a bit too warm, you won’t mind it as much because your eyes feel cool and relaxed.

Blue Is Relaxing

The house should make everybody feel free from stress and this is what the colour blue is good at. It creates a reflective and intellectual atmosphere that helps lower blood pressure and heart rate, preventing emotions from overflowing. After all, who would want to get angry in such a cool and relaxing environment?

For your next home painting project, why not go for blue. It’s easy and pleasing to the eyes and can help put you in a good mood. As such, you can relax after a long day outdoors.