Burglar-Proof Your Home: The Key Components of Security Systems

Burglar-Proof Your HomeWith so many cases of burglaries and home invasions accounted daily, now is the best time to equip your property with state-of-the-art burglar alarm system. These home security solutions provide layers of protection for you and your family, giving you peace of mind.

When choosing your burglar alarm systems in Salt Lake City, you must become acquainted with the components of the entire system.

Central Unit/Control Panel

The control panel serves as the “brain” of a burglar alarm system. This is responsible for arming and disarming the system. It sends signals to each part of the system, which sounds the alarm in case of a trigger. The control panel also sends a notification to the security monitoring company that installed it.

Security Cameras

Also referred to as surveillance cameras, these devices monitor both the exterior and interior of a property. Most people usually install these at the entrances of a building or in hallways. You can connect and control the cameras through desktops, laptops, and even mobile devices.


Several kinds of sensors can make up a large security system. The most important ones are the following:

  • Door and window sensors: The alarm will sound when intruders breach the areas monitored by these devices.
  • Motion sensors: These sound off the alarm when there is sudden movement. Motion sensors are perfect for areas containing extremely valuable items.
  • Deadly gas sensors: These can detect the presence of deadly gases, such as carbon monoxide (CO).


These produce loud noises when something triggers the installed device connected to the central console. The sound notifies the residents and the neighbors of a potential danger.

While you can buy some of these devices individually, it is better to invest in a comprehensive system—this can better safeguard your home from different types of dangers. Consult security experts to determine the right system for your needs.