Queries Still Matter Because Money Matters

Search QueryThe days of the Search Query report may be numbered, but that doesn’t mean that webmasters should abandon it completely. There’s still a transition period Google must go through to complete the shift to analytics, and ranking shifts don’t stop just because there’s an impending update. Webmasters still need to consider aspects of the query report while it’s still here – AdWords scripts are a great example.

Paying to be on the Sidelines

The main reason for this is that AdWords, or paid search strategies such as ppc in general, revolves around the effectiveness of the search query formula. In fact, they’re so closely associated with each other that some observers even make the mistake of thinking that keywords directly influence AdWords and vice versa. But everyone needs to remember that queries are the things users actually want to find, which won’t always align with the AdWords script.

These missed connections often occur when sites have to incorporate broad and ambiguous terms into their content. This is where webmasters can still make good use of the query report, as they continue to get to know the possibilities of what analytics has to offer.

Making the Money Worth It

Just in case it wasn’t clear enough, companies pay for the right to appear along with search results when users select certain words. This adds an investing dynamic that site owners will monitor closely for the duration of the campaign. Every dollar counts, which is why there’s a new script that allows webmasters to determine the terms that are most effective in returning that investment.

The script analyses the performance of search queries by the number of words in them, as well as the terms they contain. The more in-depth script will allow webmasters to determine which SEO strategy would be the most effective, whether it needs the specificity of long-tail search or otherwise.

There’s no way to look at a site’s numbers and be able to tell exactly how to improve it at first glance. There always needs to be a way to look deeper into what the tools are saying about a website, so that webmasters can make better decisions regarding their client’s business.