Restore vs. Replace: A Window in Disrepair

Damaged WindowDeciding what to do with a damaged or aging window is not always as easy as most people make it out to be. You can have it replaced, or you can simply have it restored. What’s in it for you with these two options? Here is a quick guide to help solve your dilemma:

Salvaging Authenticity

Many homeowners are stubborn and decide to simply restore their damaged or old windows, leaving it to skilled builders like Double T. Inc. to salvage what is left. Salvaging the parts, even rotted sashes or deteriorating frames, can lend the house the authenticity and rustic charm it would not have if the windows were completely replaced.

Retaining and fixing up old windows is also the more energy-efficient option as it prevents materials piling up in landfills, while preserving the charm new windows lack. It may cost more, but if finances are not an issue, then restoration might fit your lifestyle and offer better architectural integrity. Some old and historic districts might not allow you to replace parts of your home with respect to their plight of preservation.

A Brand New Replacement

Meanwhile, replacing the window is the more economical choice for those who are not too concerned about their building’s history and authenticity. Some decide to ditch their damaged windows and replace the whole façade to usher in more light, to eliminate the cost of window maintenance, and for a little extra space.

Some cases deal with windows that are too badly damaged or too old that no amount of restoration can salvage the pieces. It makes more sense to replace the windows if they are older than thirty years and if you have been planning to build a micro-addition in the form of a bumped-out window. Such scenarios are when it is a good idea to remove and replace the entire thing.

Windows lend outsiders a view of what it is like inside your home and what you are like as a homeowner. Keep your windows a reflection of your character. Are you the sentimental type? Do you value authenticity? Then salvage your aging window. Are you thrifty? Do you think your house needs more space for your growing family? Then replace all of it.

A window in disrepair can be a brand new design opportunity.