Patio Fireplace Materials that Blend Well with your Home Exterior

fireplaceLooking for inspirations for outdoor fireplaces can be easy if you know where to look. There is your neighbor’s fireplace, your housekeeping magazine subscriptions, the internet, and even advice from friends. With these, you can conceptualize your fire pit and know the materials and accessories to use.

You can also get ideas from the architectural details of the home to come up with an interesting fireplace design.

Go all-brick — with a twist

An all-brick fireplace looks consistent with brick floorings and columns. Make the fire pit standout by making it taller than, or at least as tall as, the columns. Add a hint of subtle contrast by arranging bricks in a herringbone pattern.
Be grand and elegant suggests matching the design with the rest of your house. Make a grand statement with a shapely sculpted fireplace to match the elegant feel of your covered patio. Display a collection of small sculptures and hang an art piece above the mantel to create a unique, stylish statement.

Pick effortlessly chic designs

For an effortless way of blending your fireplace with the rest of the home’s exterior, use a stucco surround. A stucco-finish fireplace makes it look almost one with the wall, and its soaring chimney makes the patio look spacious.

Practice your creativity by choosing small accessories that accentuate the fire pit instead of taking focus away from it.

Mix and match

You can mix neutrals with colors that pop, but you can also go with different textures. Install a sturdy stone fire pit with stone-covered flooring. You can also go with aluminum siding for a patio with vertical lines on ceilings.

How about a natural-stone surround to fit the home’s Tuscan aesthetics? Surround it with pieces of different color to get a contrast.
Outdoor fireplaces are one of the favorite spots at home. Enjoy the warmth it offers while appreciating its design.