Green: The New Colour for Corporate Design

office remodelersOne of the emerging trends in home designs, it seems, is an eco-friendly theme. Same goes for offices. Some office remodellers in Perth perform renovation services that suit trendy, eco-friendly needs.

So what does being green really entail?

What It Means: the 3 C’s

Eco-friendly, environmentally-friendly, nature-friendly – all these words apply. The key to being green lies in the 3 C’s.

Conscious – The first step is learning about the effects of human actions on the environment, and understanding how small actions, like installing window blinds for natural light, can cause a ripple effect on a national scale.

Caring – We’ve acquired the knowledge, now we need to have the compassion. The environment is what shelters and nurtures us; it’s only common decency to return the favour. Why care about global warming is like asking why care about your burning home.

Cautious – Being cautious now means taking action to put out the flame. It doesn’t take much to be environmentally friendly. It can go from a business establishment ban on high-energy appliances to rolling up your window blinds.

Let’s Paint the Town Green

It’s quite intimidating when people say you’re responsible for saving the planet. But the truth is that “saving the planet” can start in your workstation.

Having smart and well-planned room divisions can effectively reduce electricity consumption, as heating and cooling systems require the most energy. It’s also wise to install floor-to-ceiling windows to let in natural light and spread indoor plants throughout the office to soak up most of the toxic carbon emission. Both will minimise energy consumption and pollution.

Understandably, it’s hard to avoid committing a few environmental hiccups in a corporate setting. With the number of services and staff, there’s a relatively greater need for energy use. For office owners and designers, installing the right window blinds, and using GECA-certified furniture and GECA-approved paint system also help eliminate pollutants and save your office a lot of energy.

From home to office remodelling, green and eco-friendly designs have become the favourite look – they’re simultaneously stylish and minimalist, and ultimately, they help preserve the planet. Green, undeniably, is a trend worth staying.