The Floor’s Open: 5 Mopping Tips for Timber Flooring

wet timber floorIf there is a floorboard that looks nice on different houses, that would be wooden floors. This material is known for its beauty and the way it suits people with allergies. Despite being criticised for its complicated maintenance requirements, timber floors remain a popular choice as there are a few hacks on mopping this flooring so they look good and last longer.

Keep the Mop Slightly Damp

Water is the enemy of any wood material. See to it that when you mop the floor, you wring out as much moisture as you can from the mop. There are mop and bucket products that help make wringing easier and more efficient. Using a slightly damp mop in cleaning your Perth timber floors will also make it dry faster.

Mop on the Direction of the Wood Grain

Wooden floors are usually installed in multiple slabs going in one direction. When you mop, follow this direction of the wood grain to ensure that you’ll also run through the embedded dirt particles and pick them up easily. This way, you make the cleaning activity more effective and maintain its good condition.

Apply Appropriate Solution Only, or Just Water

A lot of articles say that you should mix vinegar with mop water. While this can clean the floor, it can also cause dullness on the wood over time, due to the acid. As much as possible, don’t add harsh substances in the water, including vinegar and bleach. There are wood floor solutions available on the market; these have the right formulation that is not too harsh on the wood.

Use a MicrofiberFlat Mop

There are different kinds of mops, and the most appropriate one for wooden floors is a flat mop. Many people recommend this because it pushes the dirt particles out without trapping underneath and scratching the surface. A Microfiber option is apt because it’s strong on dirt yet soft on wooden floors.

Avoid Hot Water

While it’s strongly recommended to use plain water only, you should be mindful of its temperature. Hot water, while somehow effective for killing bacteria, can strip the finish off the floor. It can also cause lasting damage when it seeps deep into the wood. Avoid this and use lukewarm to cool water instead.

Unlike other flooring materials, wood requires more attention to maintain. But with these mopping tips, you can make your cleaning more convenient and enjoy the benefits of having timber floors.