Lightbox and Pylon: Signage for Better Advertising

All About LightboxThere are many ways to advertise. Some do it online while others use media. One of the most reliable advertising vehicles is through signage or display. A signage can be physical or online. And, though, this advertising fixture have crossed many decades, it never grows old.


Signs come in different forms. There are LED, pylons & illuminated signs. Lightboxes are commonly used among these. Lightbox ads are an opportunity for businesses to reach, delight and engage with new audiences through rich interactive formats.

This format enhances a business’ directory and way-finding signage, monument signage and dimensional lettering and makes your business easier to find even at night. The wide variety of lightboxes and materials create eye-catching effects that improve your brand.

Outdoor lightboxes are the perfect advertising and branding solutions for all types of business including restaurants, retail, government, manufacturing and property managers. Because a standard lightbox is a flat panel with creative graphics, businesses are able to easily change the face or swap out the graphics, without completely re-investing into a full lightbox solution.

This allows companies to save money and time in marketing. The panels can easily be installed to existing standalone pylon signs and to the building façade providing cost-effective, continuous advertising.

Pylon Signage

Pylon signs are custom lightboxes that come in different shapes and sizes. Small businesses typically use a large lightbox with lettering affixed to a large pole or is a self-standing 3-D fixture with several faces.

There are many ways to create a signage as much as there are still many sign writing businesses. Some companies provide signage services and products for businesses. A pylon signage can be sold wholesale, with neon lights, in acrylic or with online accompaniment.

To have the best designs for pylon signage, recommends hiring a reliable sign writing company that has been in business for many years.

For better exposure, your marketing strategies should include pylon signs and other lightbox.