When It Comes to Learning English, Books Are Not Enough

teaching english subjectYou’ve probably seen it at least once – your child comes home from school puzzled, wondering what today’s grammar and vocabulary lesson was all about. You try to help him understand it, and you look up the lesson on his grammar book. But, as you and your child go through the list of rules and sentence examples, you find that you’re just as puzzled as he is.

More often than not, your child’s experience with English lessons resembles a never-ending list of rules to take note of. Although the examples in books help, they can still be hard to understand and apply. Some things need to be taught outside of what the books might say, and learning language is one of them.

What English Books Can’t Teach

Language is supposed to be both spoken and written. Textbooks often address the “written” part. They are often good tools to give the basic rules of using the language effectively. But, this is just half of how your child is supposed to learn the rules.

The best way for your child to remember these language rules is to apply them. Tests and quizzes are one way to do so, but they’re still very limited. What many schools and lessons lack is the opportunity for students to speak the language. But, there’s nothing to be worried about – you can do something about it.

Bringing English Home

What you can do for your child is to take the lessons out of the classroom and bring English home. Encourage your child to converse with you in simple English, and help them learn and remember the rules as you converse with them. When they say a sentence, you can ask them, “What’s the subject of that sentence?”, or, “How many nouns did you use?”

ProgressiveHomeTutors.com.au suggests hiring an English tutor for your child. By doing this, they can increase the amount of time they spend learning the language in both a written and spoken way. Your child’s tutor should know both the basics of grammar and how to speak fluently.

Look for ways to help your child learn a lot more than what their grammar books teach them.