Content Gap: Filling Holes in Your Content

creating blog articleCreating content for your business is similar to making an effort to stay healthy. Your content strategy should cover a varied but stable number of topics, just like you need a balanced diet to manage your weight. This means creating posts that appeal to different segments of your target audience or covering a range of subjects that engage different customers.

Failure to cover most of the topics that cater to your potential customers could lead to content gaps or holes. This only further highlights the importance of analysing your strategy and reassessing your company’s tone and voice to identify any possible gaps in your content. shares a few tips on identifying and filling holes in your content strategy:

Content Audit/Analysis

Identify all the types of content you have produced thus far. Then, review them to determine if you put greater emphasis on a certain topic compared to others. If you think content is geared towards a specific subject, then it is time to patch up some holes. Look for different topics or ideas that will interest a new segment of your target audience.

Get Ideas from Customers and Competitors

You can patch up content holes better by asking readers what they think about your content. Send them emails to survey and ask about any topics they wish you had tackled or featured discussions on. It is also a good idea to see your competitor’s website and identify the kind of content they are producing.

Focus on Timely or Inspiration Topics

If a current event is relevant to your industry, then go ahead and write content about it. Also, don’t ignore the great ideas you have for an article. Write these down immediately in an effort to add variety to your content strategy. It is also advisable to create an editorial calendar to manage your content creation efforts better.

Dig Deeper

If your blog is full of listicles, it is best to tackle each item on the list and dig deeper into the subject matter. Breaking up a list and creating a new content for each point gives you extra topics to focus on. This will also give your readers a much better discussion or explanation of previous posts.

There are plenty of ways to generate new ideas for balanced content. Make sure to look into different subjects and don’t hesitate to get rid of the topics you think are not working.