Why You Should Plan Your Own Funeral

funeral planYou might think that planning your own memorial service is an incredibly morbid proposition, but a large number of Americans do it every year. When a person has come to terms with their own mortality, they look for ways to make the passing easier for everyone involved. Planning the service is one of them.

Even if the idea doesn’t exactly thrill you, there are reasons to at least give it some thought.

1. Make the important decisions – By planning everything in advance, Lindquist Mortuary often says, you make sure that things go exactly as you wish. Apart from the minor details, you can even leave behind instructions for what you want the service to be like. Many want their funeral to be an opportunity to celebrate their life and accomplishments, rather than a sad and gloomy affair.

2. Help loved ones cope – When you pass away, it will be devastating to your loved ones. Chances are, they won’t have a clue what to do, and planning a memorial service will be the last thing they want to deal with. Take some of the weight off their shoulders by making sure that they don’t have to worry about organizing the funeral, and it will give them time to grieve and cope.

3. Work with a respectable director – Not all funeral directors are equal. You will find that some of them are simply better at consoling and helping your grieving loved ones. When you plan ahead, you have the time to find a director that you can trust and respect. Their advice will also be a great help, as there are many things you will have to take care of.

4. Avoid overspending – People become overly emotional when someone close to them dies, and unfortunately, this can lead to excessive spending on things that you never would have wanted. If you are the type of person who wants their funeral to be relatively simple, then this is definitely something to keep in mind. Plan it yourself, and you control every purchase.

5. The personal satisfaction – Many people say that planning their own funerals is an intensely liberating feeling. It takes a weight off their shoulders, and helps them come to terms with everything. Some also say that they feel a sense of satisfaction, knowing that they had everything under control right up until the end.

Although the conversation might be difficult to have, it’s important to let your family know about the arrangements you have made as well. This will prevent any misunderstandings or redundant expenses when the time comes.