Making a Great First Impression on a Dinner Date

Dinner DateTaking a woman out on a dinner is a classic first date idea. Seemingly simple as it may be to pull off, some guys still get things wrong when it comes to date night. Dinners are the foundation of romance and serve as the perfect opportunity to see how compatible the two of you are. They should always be fun and interesting, not boring and uncomfortable.

When planning a dinner date, it is important to avoid doing things how most guys would do it. You have to keep it creative to make sure that she says yes to a second date. Here are a few rules when dining out with a woman you’re trying to impress.

Romantic Ambiance

You don’t have to take her to the most expensive place, but never ever take her to a fast food restaurant, either. Your best bet is an Italian restaurant or a place with great food and a romantic ambience. Solaire Resort and Casino has a wide selection of dining options perfect for a dinner date.

The Food

Ordering for her might be a nice gesture, but it can also be perceived as you being controlling. Instead of choosing what both of you are having, let her order first. If you still want to order for her, ask if she’s okay with it. Your date will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Table Manners

The way you dine says a lot about your character and manners. Finger licking good as the food might be, don’t ever forget your manners. Practice the art of eating slowly and making eye contact with your date. Keep in mind that it is perfectly fine to enjoy the meal, but be sure to slow down.


Dinner dates should always involve light conversation so you can get to know each other better. Stay away from unpalatable topics and avoid monopolizing. Your date wants to get to know you just as much as you want to get to know her. Focus on the things you are both passionate about and use some humor.

Alcohol and Beverages

Getting sloppy drunk on your first date is a real turn-off. This creates a burden on your date and ruins all the special things you’ve planned for the night. Savor your beverages and sip them slowly. To be safe, limit yourself to two drinks.

Don’t forget to dress right and be a gentleman. Follow these tips for a date that will guarantee a great first impression.