Debunking 3 Myths about Wisdom Tooth Extraction

wisdom toothPeople have different concerns about removing a wisdom tooth or third molar, as it may involve discomfort. Speculations on what involves wisdom teeth have led to beliefs that are not true. False information leads to confusion, and sometimes, even fear. Here are the top three myths that you should know about:

Myth #1: Everybody has a wisdom tooth, which needs extraction upon eruption.

It’s normal to have wisdom teeth, but there are cases when these stay beneath the gums and never erupt. An average person can have two or three wisdom teeth, which might or might not erupt simultaneously. Upon eruption, wisdom tooth extraction isn’t advisable yet.

Dental experts like and medical information site WebMD reiterate that patients have to make sure that the tooth is impacted and is causing dental problems. Your dentist is the best source of information regarding this concern.

Myth #2: Age is one of the factors that determine the right time to have a wisdom tooth extraction.

Dentists remove wisdom teeth the instant these start causing problems for the patient, such as severe pain, misalignment, and infection. Age does not matter in wisdom tooth extraction, but having them removed while young is advisable. The extraction will be less painful because it has less bone density and the roots haven’t developed completely.

Myth #3: It’s okay to smoke and drink after wisdom tooth extraction to forget the pain.

There are people who don’t follow dentist precautions, so they end up feeling more pain after extraction. The clots that formed after dentists extract the wisdom tooth should remain intact for a few days. This is to avoid infections like dry sockets and other complications. The absence of clot can also delay the healing process and cause foul mouth odour.

Different myths regarding wisdom tooth extraction are surfacing, causing confusion among patients. If you’re planning to have yours removed, make sure to be aware of the right information to avoid unnecessary extractions.