China Eyes Foreign Investments in the US

investor visa programForeign investment in the US thrives as the market demand indifferent industries shoot up and the economy gains strength. Reports from the Commerce Department show that foreign investment in 2011 gained $234 billion, a significant increase of 14% from $205.8 billion in 2010. America sustains its reputation as one of the most stable vessels of capital and with that, many investors are aiming to enter US foreign investment.

China is one of the biggest foreign investors in the country. Reports say that they have invested a total of $14 billion direct investments and targeted 45 US states in 2013. Experts say that this thriving investment and relationship between the two countries will continue in the next few years.

China’s Real Estate Investments

The residential real estate industry in the US is booming and foreign investors are taking advantage of the trend. Statistics show that among these many capitalists, Chinese buyers are taking the lead. Foreign acquisitions of US housing increased by 35% in 2013 and the Chinese are the biggest contributors to the growth, spending $22 billion in international sales. Experts say that the nation’s economic stability is one of the major reasons foreign investors are attracted to US real estate property.

Appeal of Foreign Investment in the US

There are many factors that contribute to the reputation of America as a center for investments, such as competitive prices, economic security, and technological advancements. But the EB-5 Visa Program for Investors became a major vehicle that drove interest, particularly among Chinese investors. It was in 2008 where America saw a surge of Chinese nationals applying for EB-5 visa programs. In 2012, records show that there were 5,000 applications from Chinese investors, the figure growing into 10,000, the visa limit, in 2014. Obtaining a green card allowed them to widen their business contacts and open their business to countless opportunities.

Chinese and other foreign investors flock to the US as they drive their business to success. Budding investors can learn from this trend—taking huge risks is key to getting returns.

Application for EB-5 Investor Visa Program

Individuals who want to qualify for the EB-5 visa may decide to invest $1,000,000.00 in a commercial enterprise and create 10 new full-time jobs for US citizens. They may also choose the $500,000 investor visa where they will invest in a specific employment area. Foreign investors must communicate with EB-5 immigration attorneys to help them with the documentation requirements.