The Many Career Options Available to Nurses

nurse jobNursing is a rewarding profession. It gives practitioners the opportunity to deal with many areas of medical practice. There are different career paths that you can follow. Depending on your own specific skill set, you can flourish in each field.

Many often ponder which career path to follow after completing the BNS program Utah educational institutions offer. These schools provide many opportunities for those who want to pursue a career in the many branches of nursing.

Hospital Care

Hospital care is the most common career option in the field of nursing. Even nurses who have branched out into other fields have, at one point, spent a considerable amount of time in the hospital setting. While some move onto different fields, other nurses still choose to stay in this setting.

Home Treatment

Home nurses are in demand with patients choosing to have professionals care for them at home rather than in the hospital setting. Nurses may choose to get certified in this specialty.

Hospice Care

Impending death can leave quite an emotional mark on both patients and those they will leave behind. Nurses working in hospice care take care of patients who are in the latter stage in their life. They take care families during such trying times, as well.

Psychiatric Care

Psychiatric nurses work in institutions that take care of those with mental illnesses. While they commonly work in such settings, they can still practice their craft in other settings apart from psychiatric hospitals. They may work with different types of people suffering from a wide variety of ailments.


Patients who work in Intensive Care Units take care of the medical needs of those in delicate conditions,. Nurses in this field have to work independently as the lives of their patients are at stake.


Many nurses choose to focus their career on working with children. Nurses aid pediatricians and cater to the needs of children. They can work in the hospital setting or as clinical nurses.

School Setting

Every school has its own nurse to meet the health needs of children. While it does not generally deal with more serious medical issues, it can be just as rewarding, especially for nursing practitioners who do well with children, adolescents, and teens.