Your Beard According to Science

The British lads have always been particular with grooming, especially when it comes to facial hair. Whether to go clean-shaven, maintain moderately thick stubble or grow a bushy beard, many men wonder what difference it can make — actually, a lot.

beardMany studies prove that the facial hair you wear (or do not wear) affects the perception of people, including you, towards yourself. That is why before you go out looking for barbers in London to get a trim, it pays to understand what signals your beard send out to the world.

Testament of Manhood

A University of Aberdeen study revealed that beards are associated with maturity, ergo has a natural connection with masculinity. This finding validates the belief that sporting even a patchy beard makes you look more mature. In addition, it may help you develop a manly mentality. The mere growing of facial hair can make you think that you are more “macho”, which improves your overall self-esteem. This school of thought allows you to behave with assertiveness and dominance.

Socially Intimidating

Your masculine image may backfire as well. A research found that bearded men are seen as less cheerful, caring, and generous compared to clean-shaven guys. It may affect your sociability to some extent, as the sight of stubble is perceived as a sign of aggression. While some guys prefer to have this image, this negative perception is something you have to live with if you grow a beard.

Sexually Attractive?

There is no definitive proof that would say beard universally boost sex appeal. Some women prefer men with facial hair, while some find clean-looking guys attractive. It is a matter of personal preference; ask different ladies and you will get different responses.

As absurd as it may sound, your beard has the power to turn your life around. Don the right style, think of its possible consequences and build the image you want to project.