3 Worst First Time Homebuyer Mistakes

homebuyer mistakesBuying your own home has its share of difficulties, especially for first time homebuyers. You may have probably heard of people who made a wrong choice when they bought their house. Perhaps they chose the wrong type of mortgage or underestimated any additional costs.

Keep in mind that buying a home involves thorough research and planning. If you’re not careful, your dream house could end up becoming a financial nightmare. Be wary of the most common mistakes in buying a property and arm yourself with some helpful tips.

Choosing the wrong kind of mortgage

The most popular type of home loan is the 30-year mortgage. Some people who think they can pay faster choose 15-year mortgage, but end up regretting the decision. Furthermore, some borrowers are not able to pay the right amount due to high interest rate and hidden charges.

Tip: Trusted Utah mortgage company citycreekmortgage.com suggests to make sure the lender provides transparency. Inquire about the loan’s annual percentage rate because this takes into account lender fees and other credit charges that you may be required to pay.

Overestimate how much you can afford

If you look for homes that are outside your budget, you’ll probably end up wanting something you can’t afford. This can put you in the dangerous position of trying to stretch beyond your means monetarily or make you to feel unsatisfied with what you can actually afford.

Tip: If you know that the price of the house is not within your budget, don’t bother checking it. Be realistic; set your standards and look for a house that is within your budget.

Wrong location

Some people only focus on the appearance of the house. It’s already too late when they realize that their house is too far from schools, business establishments and other important places.

Tip: Remember the advice of real estate agents: “There are three most important things to consider: location, location and location.”

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make and this does not have to be difficult. If you are aware of the issues, you can protect yourself from the pitfalls and buy with confidence.