How to Help Kids Fall in Love with Reading

child readingThe smell of a new book, the crisp pages, the narrative that appears to have a life of its own, and the experience—these are only some of the simple yet profound marvels of reading. The pleasures and benefits you get when you have books for company are something you’d want your children to enjoy, too. But let’s admit it, reading can be laborious and time-consuming, which may make kids veer away from it.

Start early if you want your kids to enjoy reading. This, however, is not an easy task. You need a smooth strategy that will get them engaged. Here are some things you may find handy.

Read Them a Story

Call it old-fashioned, but your kids will certainly draw inspiration from you if they hear you reading aloud. If you’re tired after a day’s work to cuddle and read to your kids before they go to sleep, you may set a time over the weekend when you can do the activity. Act out the characters and be descriptive as much as possible.

Give What Interests Them

Academic resources providers, such as, remind parents not to force children to read one type of book. Some children skip fairy tales in favour of books on math and science. If you see that these are what interest them, give them subject-related books. Otherwise, you only give them a reason to hate reading.

Show Them Pictures

Some kids are more drawn to words than pictures. Make sure the books you hand over to them have illustrations that will aid them in imagining scenarios and concretising descriptions. Colours and shapes can also help kids improve their visual and aesthetic sense.

Gift Them a Dictionary

Every now and then, your children will encounter new words. Other than telling them what a new word means right away, have them consult a dictionary. Looking up in the dictionary will also help them apply the words they have learned to appropriate situations.

Reading is fun. If you help your kids make reading part of their life, you’re teaching them something indispensable. Keep these things in mind and see how reading can change your little ones’ lives.