Web Design 101: The Art of Choosing and Using Colours

color webdesignThe Internet is not only a world of codes and sizeable data. It’s also about visuals and colours. So, it’s only logical to invest in making your website aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to this task, some designers often have troubles choosing the right colour palette.

You should not take choosing colours lightly. The colour palette of your website can affect your audiences in subtle ways. For one, it embodies your business’s brand and vision, which are the things your customers are surely looking at. If used appropriately, the chosen palette can influence decision making on your customer’s end. Many leading online marketing companies, such as Digitise My Business, emphasise the need to focus on this aspect. Here are some things to keep in mind:


Many an amateur web designer finds it hard work to experiment on colours that complement each other. Your website should have contrasting shades to create an eye candy. If you want to see the power of contrast, check out the posters of some blockbuster movies. For instance, the movie posters of The Dark Knight, Taken, and Ironman use a dynamic combination of blue and orange. Not only do these colours complement each other, but the contrast they come up with also draws attention though these are not always prominent in the actual movie.


Another reason blue and orange is a favourite movie poster palette is because they don’t have any automatic cultural association. The takeaway here is you need to consider the meaning of colours in other cultures. For instance, yellow means summer in Italy and hospitality in Ukraine. But you may want to limit its use if you’re launching a website in Mexico, as it is associated with mourning.


Apart from looking at colour wheels or understanding colour theories, draw some inspiration from nature. Nature inspired palettes are usually used by some web designers, as they can make the audience feel nostalgic and relaxed. If you’re in the hospitality business, you can combine the hues of an orange starfish, the neutral cream of the sand and the blues of the sky and the sea. This combination will surely give your website a balmy and tranquil feel.

Don’t forget your brand colours. The ones you will choose for your website should revolve around the official hues of your business.