How to Make Your Dog the Happiest Canine in the World

happy dogThe first few days a tiny, young pup fetched that twig for you are easily one of the most magical moments in your life as a pet lover. Things would get more wonderful when he learned how to respond to your call and welcome you with those warm licks.

Dogs are adorable, and they always make you happy, but are you sure you’re making them happy, too? Don’t be a clueless dog owner! Here’s how you can make your four-legged best friend bark joyously.

Forget the Leash

Don’t keep your dog chained when he’s just at home. Keeping him in his leash will only develop aggression. More importantly, the leash may harm the dog physically. The worst case scenario is that they may get choked. So, let your pooch roam around your yard.

Pamper Them

Pampering dogs is more than just patting their heads or rubbing their tummies. Give yours a bath and brush his teeth regularly. You should also clip his claws, as they may cause discomfort. Clean his ears and free him from parasites. If you want to take your pampering ways a notch higher, massage him or use a photonic or light therapy kit on him.

Never Hit Them

Hitting your dog will only make him scared of you. Worse, he may get aggressive and get back at you. So, make your best friend feel loved and secure. If he’s done something wrong, try hard to forgive him. Keep in mind that dogs don’t know what they’re doing half the time.

Mind Their Food

Don’t just feed your dog with scraps. They’re supposed to get something better than that. Scraps may make your dog obese or suffer from digestive problems. Feed him with proper dog food. Don’t feed him sweets, as they can be poisonous.

Making your dog happy is the least you can do to repay him for all the good things he’s done for you. If you’re not sure about the ways you make him happy, consult a reliable vet.