Inspect a Roof like a Pro Without Even Trying

roof inspectionOne of the most common things in the world is most people spend so much moneymaking their roofs look nice, but spend so little time actually looking at them. If they did, they would be able to spot potential weak points and problems before they turn into full-fledged leaks.

It’s Not That Hard

Most people think that appraising a roof for damage requires technical training and special equipment, and for the most part, it does. Contractors offer free roof inspections as part of their service, but there are signs of possible damage homeowners can spot even without getting near their roofs.

Industry specialist George Parsons Roofing Inc. explains that homeowners can appraise their roofs through a process called exterior inspection. A straightforward method just requires people to look at their roofs for signs of degradation. The only things they need are a pair of good eyes, and maybe a set of binoculars.

Move Back

First, step back far enough to be able to see the entire roof. This may require homeowners to move as far back as their sidewalk, but it’s their house so it should be fine. Look for sagging and uneven slopes in the roof design, even the slightest disparity is a red flag. Take special notice of the roof ridge, and inspect any uneven areas from inside the house.

Chip Off the Old Roof

While they’re out there, homeowners should take note of missing or broken shingles. These should be easy enough to spot since they’ll be sticking out like the eyesores they are. But, if they really want to be sure of their shingle integrity, they can use binoculars to spot blisters and chips along shingle edges.

The health of a shingle is a judgment call, as small abrasions that only affect the coating isn’t a big deal. Nevertheless, homeowners need to know that even the smallest chips can let moisture into the roof’s internal structure, and shorten its service life.

Around The House in Sixty Seconds

Assess the entire house and not just the part under the shade because it’s comfortable to look at that part. The section of the roof that bears the heat of the sun will be the most likely to show wear, and needs the most attention.

Conducting regular inspections is one way of maintaining a roof’s structural integrity, and keep heavy repairs at bay.