Choosing the Right Toys for Your Dogs

toy dogPlaying and chewing are natural canine behaviours. Although some dogs play or chew more than others, it is best to give them the right toys. In fact, behaviour problems may arise when dogs do not have the proper outlet to follow their instincts. The problem is, most dogs are choosy when it comes to objects.

So how do you choose the best toy?

The type of toy you give depends on their temperament. At first, try different types of toys and observe how they react when you show them. Do not give everything you bought from the store; allow them to play with only one toy each day.

Before you go to the nearest pet shop or order from online stores selling dog toys, here’s a brief guideline when choosing the best toys for your dogs:


A toy ball is a must-have for any dog. Just make sure to choose one that is large enough for your dog to carry without accidentally swallowing it. The basic tennis-ball size seems to work fine for most dogs, but consider getting a larger one, especially for bigger breeds like Bull Mastiff or Great Dane. Moreover, never give an actually tennis ball to your dogs. The materials used in tennis balls can cause the teeth to wear down and pieces can lead to choking or intestinal blockages if ingested.

Discs and retrieving toys

Discs are more versatile than a ball when it comes to fetching. In fact, it is more than just a toy. You can use this to train your dog and improve its agility and leaping ability. There is even a dog sport that involves retrieval. Choose a uniquely shaped toy to make your dog more interested.

Plush toys

This is one of the many toys that dogs cannot resist. They carry them around like babies or tear them apart like prey. Most plush toys have squeakers and poly-fill to grab the attention easily. Just make sure to supervise your dog when giving them plushies.


These are usually made of vinyl, rubber, or plastic. Choose wisely according to your dog’s habits. For aggressive chewers, choose a thick rubber.

Keep in mind that any toy you give to your fur babies poses many risks. This is why you need to supervise them, especially with aggressive chewers or breeds with smaller snout.