SERPs Up: 3 Things Businesses Should Include on Their SEO Checklist

workMost entrepreneurs want to swim with the SEO sharks. But you need to know the essentials when it comes to using SEO.

Without SEO and a good content footprint, potential customers will never find you online. Your efforts will go floating around the murky waters. Even if your website looks great, if you are not ranking well, your efforts on making your business successful will most probably go down the drain.

Here is an essential SEO checklist for entrepreneurs:

  1. Hire an SEO Agency.

You have to admit that hiring in-house may only cause more damage than you can imagine, especially if you do not know how to look for the right people. Hire the right talent, an outside agency that’s experienced in doing SEO practices. These professionals will deliver the right level of punch your target audience will care about.

  1. Avoid Search Penalties—Whatever It Takes.

Black hat SEO techniques can get you in trouble. Play safe, but still think creatively in terms of marketing your brand. Using black hat SEO may significantly boost your traffic in just a matter of time, but there are more downsides to it. Google may penalise your site and remove you from the index, and you will not show up on the search engine results pages (SERPs) anymore.

If you want to go the right path, hire search engine optimisation companies, such as, that practice white hat SEO techniques.

  1. Get Familiar with Google Webmaster Tools.

You must learn how to use Google Webmaster Tools—that’s something every business owner should know today. Google Webmaster Tools are very helpful, as it enables you to see detailed reports about your web pages. This, in turn, will help you and your agency identify the changes you need.

  1. Make a Good Impression with Your Website.

Give your business website a simple, basic background, clear fonts, and good images in HTML. You can also use WordPress to create a small website. If you do not know anything about creating codes, a WordPress is a good solution—or you can just hire a professional web designer.

So how do you survive the competitive SEO waters and swim with the sharks? Follow this simple checklist—it is a game-changer.