Why Smart Casual Is More Than Just ADress Code

Suits, jeans and t-shirts — these are what come into mind when you hear the words “smart casual.” But, what does smart casual really mean? Though it can be quite simple, smart and casual are in two entirely different worlds. It can be pretty tricky to define, especially in a professional and working environment.

casual attire

Without looking overly formal, employees need to know how to dress for success, according to i-recruit. For both men and women, dark coloured blazers, plain shirts or blouses and tailored pants can go together for a smart casual look. At the end of the day, it just boils down to wearing comfortable yet smart clothes during business meetings and casual arrangements at work.

Apart from looking smart, you should also pull off an ethical attitude at work. As they say, dress and act professionally. To complete your professional look, here are three things you should observe:

1. Being punctual is critical

Arrive on time always, especially during meetings. Many business partners frown upon tardiness, which usually stains your professionalism and work quality. Adjust your body clock to meet the high standards of your work. If you know that there would be heavy traffic on the next day, leave home early and hit the road earlier than usual.

2. Maintain a healthy competition

It would not be a surprise if you come across a nasty colleague or a team member who grabs all the credit. There can be a few self-indulgent people who only care about their promotion. You can avoid being one by sharing the credit at work even amid a competition. Acknowledge your teammates’ contributions, but don’t lose track of your goal.

3. Quit the gossiping

It is best to confront your workmates about their disrespectful attitude or when you simply don’t like how they have acted. It is unprofessional to gossip about your colleagues, and this may lead to you being tagged as someone who can’t be trusted.

To keep a good reputation at work, develop the virtue of professionalism, whether through a smart casual look or a competent attitude. This can help you cement your exceptional track record, and become the person whom your colleagues look up to.