Checking Out a Lemon: Ways to Avoid aBad Secondhand RV

Hitting the road and exploring the many wonders of nature has been your family’s tradition. As a matter of fact, you spend most of your weekend nights in camping sites and in a few motels during stopovers. Pump up your family’s tradition by getting a new RV. You can buy a secondhand RV if you want to stick to your budget.

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With a convenient place to stay for the night, you don’t need to worry about your family’s safety. Just make sure you don’t get a lemon, which may force you to spend more money on repairs. To avoid bad secondhand RVs, here are a few steps you can follow:

1. Check the condition of the tanks and valves

It can be costly to replace even a few parts of an RV, so make sure you’re not getting a lemon. As Arkansas RV dealers explain, propane bottles need updating and regular inspection.If an RV propane tank is older than twelve years, you need to maintain it and conduct inspections every five years. Also, check the condition and the location of the Overfilling Protection Device (OPD) valve.

2. Inspect the batteries and converters

In a used RV, batteries are almost dead or already dead, so inspect them to see if they still work. If the bulbs light up, the battery may still be in good condition. Make sure that your converter is still working.Unhook the battery and plug in the electrical cord to test it. If the RV’s 12-volt lights and water pump still function, the converter does not need replacement.

3. Do a test drive

It is necessary to check the condition of your RV’s braking and lighting systems. Ask the owner if you can test drive the RV. Make sure to check if the brakes, clutch, headlights, and rear tail lights are still functioning. System repairs are pricey, and faulty brakes may put your life at risk.

You do not want repair documents to pile up before you accept that your RV is a lemon, so make sure that you make an accurate assessment of the vehicle. Also, every state has a Lemon Law, so make sure to read it. It can help you to legally define what a lemon used RV is, guiding you as you look for a good vehicle to enjoy with your family.

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