Living In Makati: Choosing The Perfect House Deal

houseMany young professionals and fresh grads visit the Makati Central Business District to find their first jobs. For those who are lucky enough to land a job here, the next step is to look for a comfortable and safe living area. With condominium units, and houses or apartments for rent in almost every corner of the city, you can choose which best suits your needs and budget, considering you are just starting to make your own living.

Here are a few tips when you’re deciding which type of living area to choose:

Apartments can be a cost-effective option

According to, preferring to rent an apartment in Makati can work for your tight budget. It is a good option if you are looking to save on your living expenses, from rental fees to transportation. The rental fees are lower compared to upscale houses and high-rise condos. Considering the location of your apartment, make sure it is only a few minutes’ walk from your office, or one ride away. It is also important to note that most apartments are strategically located near restaurants that serve tasty food ranging from the classy to the downright affordable.

Condominiums offer a metropolitan living experience

After years of experience and consistent quality performance at work, you are given work bonuses and salary increases. With this, perhaps you can afford the condo you’ve been dreaming of. Found in almost every corner in metropolitan Makati, condominium units have been widely developed throughout the area. You just have to find which interior design suits you, what types of amenities you can use, and what type of security and setup makes you feel comfortable. The fees are higher than what you’d normally pay to rent an apartment, but the benefits are worth it.

Houses are considered a practical option for the family

The housing demand in the Philippines is based on different parameters. If almost every member of the family is working in Makati, and one or two of your younger siblings are studying in the Manila area, then buying or renting a house is a practical choice. Chances are, your siblings are also vying for good employment or on-the-job (OJT) training in the area. You can find single or double-story homes, with or without swimming pools and other facilities. Keep in mind that housing rates may vary according to the properties’ size, type, and location.

Finding the perfect fit for your needs is not difficult. Just make sure to compare the rental rates and weigh the other factors, such as the location, proximity to your workplace, and your capacity to pay for the rent, upkeep, membership, and other expenses.