Influence Of Korean Dramas: How They Urge Fans To Splurge

koreanSouth Korea’s latest television drams is influencing what people throughout Asia wear, eat, and buy – everything from smartphones to clothes and other daily items.

Surge in interest

The so-called Hallyu, the term for the popularity of South Korean culture abroad, has also boosted the country’s tourism sector.

The Korean Wave of TV dramas and pop music has long influenced Asia, but in recent years, found new fans in the Middle East, Latin America, and North Africa.

The success of TV shows spawned a spillover effect in the retail industry. The luxury brands that Korean actors wear have become highly sought after by many people.

Fashion craze

With the increasing amount of TV viewers, South Korea received many marketing opportunities that led to strong competition.

Many companies today spend millions to ensure fans will splurge on Samsung smartphones, Hyundai cars, and giant LG television.

“In the past, PPL (product placement) on South Korean TV shows boosted domestic sales only,” said Amorepacific, the country’s largest cosmetic company, in a statement. “But we’ve recently seen it having an immediate and widespread impact in Asia, especially in China.”