Fight Fire By Preventing Fire

water extinguisherFire can claim thousands of homes in a year. People lose their valued possessions, get injured, or even worse, lose loved ones. The sad thing is that most fire occurrences could have been easily prevented with water extinguishers and fire prevention measures. Below are a few pointers on how to keep your home safe and fireproof:

Inspect Your House

Your property may have several potential fire starters. Everything from electrical wiring, air-conditioning, to gas plumbing has the capability to be fire hazards. Avoid the temptation to put too much load on extension cords.

Check Your Household Items

Regular everyday appliances such as heaters, flat irons, and gadgets may have the capacity to catch fire.Keep flammable items like curtains away from them. Always keep your lights and decors at a safe distance from flammable items during Christmas.

Maintain Kitchen Safety

Never leave your kitchen while you have something cooking on your range. Always keep a lid or fire blanket nearby to smother flames should they appear. Always remember to keep flammable liquids stored away to avoid untoward incidents.

Take Extra Care

Exercise caution when performing daily activities. Avoid smoking while in bed or anywhere else where there’s a possibility of dozing off and waking up to an inferno. Be extra careful with lamps, candles, and other such fire magnets.

Stay Safe Indoors and Outdoors

Be mindful of lawn clippings and barbecue grills. Keep them at a good safe distance away from your house so that fires can easily be put out before they even spread.

Keep Your House Safe for Children And Pets

Pets can get snagged in faulty, spiderweb-like electrical wiring and cause fires. Keep matches and lighters safe and away from the playful hands of children. More importantly, teach your kids to not play with them.

Install Fire Prevention Devices

Be sure to install smoke alarms; keep water extinguishers at key strategic locations around the house. If you have a flexible budget, you can also add a home sprinkler system in your home to prevent worse-case scenarios from ever happening. You wouldn’t want to have your home investment along with your dreams to burn right down into a crisp. Be fire conscious and stay safe. Your lives depend on your preparation.