Back Up! Some Rules about Duplicating Files

See yourself in this scenario: you lost all your files in your computer in a matter of minutes. This, without a doubt, will surely bring chaos of every sort to your life. It may sound exaggerated, but it’s the worst-case scenario for those who depend on their computers for a living, like programmers and businesspeople. This article will walk you through basics of file backups, and how certain methods, like finding the right cloud computing provider, can be of great help.

The Rule of Thumb

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The primary rule of backup is simple: any important file should be present in two or more locations at once. You cannot just move the file into another location, or else, you’re defeating the purpose of the effort. This is an obvious rule, and yet, many people are making this mistake. Some even create duplicates and then delete the file left in the source.

The Methods of Backup

You have a plethora of applications that will help you create backups. First off, you can easily create backups in your computer’s internal hard drive. You may also choose to use external hard drives and flash drives.

Your other option is to use online backup services, which are the derivatives of many advanced cloud computing technologies. There are also some online services that synchronise your files across different devices. Now, if you have a great deal of space on your local hard drive, you may choose to create a complete backup of the system.

The Files to Back Up

Files that are worth backing up are relative. But for safety, always have a list of documents, music, desktop emails, and application settings. More importantly, create backups of your pictures and videos; you can lose all the music you want, but memories lost can be tormenting. Don’t bother creating backups for program files and directories.

Finally, don’t forget to back up your files on a regular basis. Create backups if the situation allows you. You may also look into the configurations of your online services to make syncing a whole lot easier. And always clean your hard drive to make room for duplicates files.