Factors Newbie Homeowners Should Take Note Of

home builder reviewsIt’s normal for families building their first home to feel excited about the project. But while a new home can bring a good deal of convenience and satisfaction, it can also cause regrets in the long run. This is especially true if homeowners lack enough planning and coordination with their homebuilders during the building process. It’s important to read some of the best home builder reviews on the Internet before drawing up your construction plan.

Here’s a line-up of three important things you should keep in mind while working with your homebuilders:

Heating and cooling

To keep your new home as comfortable as possible, give extra attention to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. A properly built system with emphasis on energy-efficiency can be cost-effective. Keep in mind that an incorrectly installed HVAC may haunt you during the colder season. Expect a chilly house in the winter or an inconsistently cooled house during the summer. What’s worse is it can also result to carbon dioxide being pulled into your home or high energy bills.

Doors that open the right way

Although they may seem trivial at first, doors swinging the opposite way may cause problems to homeowners. Doors hung incorrectly may block other essential huge pieces inside the home, such as refrigerators, cabinets, and other doors. Badly installed doors, on the other hand, may leak air or water, increasing your monthly energy bills. Proper door installation will help you save in maintenance and provide energy efficiency.

Sufficient storage space

One of the problems homeowners encounter a few years after building their home is when they realize they’re starting to lose storage space. Tell your chosen homebuilders to look for wasted spaces, such as framing pockets and put in a door to make a utility closet or storage nook. These can be between bedrooms, under stairways, or in closets with vaulted ceilings.

The kitchen also needs additional storage space. Create a separate compartment for huge kitchen appliances, such as bread machines, food processors, coffeemakers, and stand mixers. Leaving them on the counter would only make your space look cluttered.