Dutch Mulder Twins Win Speed Skating Medals

twinsNetherlands’ domination of speed skating competitions continues with Dutch twins Michael and Ronald Mulder sweeping men’s 500m at Winter Olympics.

Dutch domination

Michael and Ronald became the second set of twins to win medals in the same individual event.

The 27-year-old Michael clocked a total time of 69.32 seconds, defeating rival Jan Smeekens by just 0.01 seconds.

Ronald, on the other hand, was a few seconds behind his brother, making them both claim medals in Winter Olympics.

So far, it was the third Dutch victory from three speed skating competitions at the Sochi Games.

‘Olympic champion’

Meanwhile, Smeekens thought he had earned a tie for the gold medal after he finished the race.

But the timer adjusted the official times, giving Mulder the victories.

“I did not really realize what time I needed,” he said. “In the past, I have lost races by one-hundredths a few times. It was so unbelievable – now, [I am an] Olympic champion.”