Back to Basics: Living a Simple Life

buying used BMWIt is certainly relaxing to have no worries in your head. Of course, this is next to impossible, given today’s lifestyle.

One way of getting close to that form of relaxation, though, is to live a simple life. This doesn’t mean heading to the woods nor being self-righteous about money; it’s about removing the clutter in your lifestyle.

Here are some insights on how you could lead a simpler life:


Your diet is perhaps the easiest thing to change, but this isn’t about you starving yourself. Let go of your weekly visits to fast food chains and upscale restaurants; instead, focus more on getting fresh, organic ingredients from local farmers or even your own backyard if you plant. Learn your favorite recipes and develop your cooking skills so you can enjoy hearty meals in the comfort of your home.


You don’t need a high-end car as you drive around town, as buying a used BMW in Orange County would suffice. After all, a luxury car could cost you a lot just for repairs and maintenance, so you’re better off with a serviceable, pre-owned car. There are many vehicles in marketplaces that are still in good shape even though they already had previous owners.

Consider using your car only when necessary, such as going long distances and out of town. If you’re simply visiting a friend four blocks away, you might as well walk or ride a bike to give your body a good exercise.


Do you really need all your IDs and membership cards when you go out to buy groceries? You could save a lot of purse space, or maybe even get rid of the purse altogether, if you’d clean it up and bring only what’s necessary.

With the many advancements in technology and lifestyle, people tend to forget the beauty of simplicity. As a result, stress levels increase and they ignore the simple things that make life better. A simple life isn’t about depriving yourself; it’s about sticking to what you need and appreciating the little, positive things that come off it.