Low-Cost DIY Outdoor Home Improvement Projects

When you have a vacant yard, you do not just possess extra space – you have a very flexible area to work with. This means you could do a variety of projects to increase the both the property’s appeal and value.

Here are some simple and low-cost do-it-yourself projects you could do to improve your home.

Garden shed

GardenA shed would definitely serve as an appealing addition to your yard. Not only does it provide a focal point in the empty space, it also gives some function. No longer would you have to store all your garden tools in the garage, as you would have a shed that could keep all of them intact. There are many custom plans for garden sheds available online. Use only quality materials such as the right paint and the appropriate rubber membrane roof kit to ensure durability.


Pergolas give you some shade without completely blocking out the sun, providing interesting shadows when you are out in the yard. The partial shade could define the path of a walkway or enclose a space to an outdoor nook or barbeque where you can relax on a lazy day and have a beer with friends. If you know your way with wood, it is fairly simple to construct your own pergola. You could add plants on them too, as long as you know which climbing species to pick.

Retaining walls

Like pergolas, retaining walls add a unique twist to your home, as it is a structure with style. In essence, it is a wall that would separate and define an area. At the same time, it still allows easy access to the other side of the space. It could also change the identity and presence of your garden and reshape a sloped yard. Choose the right material that would produce the feel you want for the space.

Fire pit

When it is cold outside, why not cosy up in front of a roaring fire? A fire pit can easily give you heat and improve the overall charm of your space. All you will need is some fireproof material on a level area.

These simple home projects may be inexpensive, but they are definitely worth every penny you spend. Its added appeal and value is worth way more than what it costs.