Living Like Royals: How Royalty-Free Images & Clips Help Digital Artists

using royalty free video clipVideographers and creative producers are always in need of good project materials. From musical scoring to short timelapse clips, every element makes a difference in creating an impressive video. It’s little wonder, then, that many make an extra effort and learn how to use stock video clips for future production. With the help of the Internet, their work just got easier.

A Matter of Necessity

Back then, photographers had to go out and shoot new material every time they needed it. Businesses, for example, made use of this opportunity whenever they release a new product or service. They would hire professional photographers and have them create new media for them.

There were cases, though, when a photograph proved useful, even for other purposes. Other business owners could still make use of a photo to convey a message or set the tone of their publicity materials. Instead of taking a similar shot repeatedly, they realized it made more sense to just reuse an old photo and refashion it according to their preferences. This paved the way for what everyone knows now as stock photos and footages.

The Huge Difference

Digital artists must note, however, that there is a major difference between royalty-free animation clips and the stock ones. Your usage right depends on how many times you’ll use the element and for what purpose. Stock photo agencies usually charge clients depending on the length of use of their elements. Medium also comes into play. If you’re planning to use an image for a widespread marketing campaign, it’ll probably cost you more.

Royalty-free video elements, on the other hand, work differently. Instead of paying up front every time you use a clip, you’ll only have to pay a flat free once. This means you can use it anytime you need to, making it a set-up that works for web design projects and other related production activities.

Online Resources

Today, using bought video elements like royalty-free video clips is the standard, especially in advertising and marketing. The list of its benefits is ever-growing. In fact, modern videographers and graphic designers are finding more ways of utilizing them, especially now that the Internet has made almost everything accessible.

There are select online resources that cater to this demand. Some even offer high-definition content that can range from 1080p to 4K resolutions. Now, digital artists have more options and control how they want their productions to go. At the rate things are going, the video production industry looks like it’ll reach greater heights in the future.