GSK To Stop Incentive Schemes For Doctors

Pharmaceuticals giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has announced its plans to stop doctor incentive schemes after a corruption scandal in China earlier this year.

Major marketing overhaul

gskGSK said it will no longer have individual sales targets and related bonuses with the aim of giving priority to the interest of patients.

The British drugs giant  will also stop paying doctors to promote its product through speaking engagements.

The major changes, which will be introduced in 2014, come as GSK and other drug manufacturers face intense scrutiny in China over claims they bribed doctors to use their products.

The company, however, explains the latest changes are part of a wider effort to improve transparency, not because its related to that continuing investigation.

End of conference payments

In a statement, GSK chief executive Andrew Witty said they “are outlining a further set of measures to modernize our relationship with healthcare professionals.”

Compensation would now instead be tied to technical knowledge, quality of service, and overall company performance.