The Green Choice: Fiber Cement Siding

installing sidingWhen you’re talking to a trusted siding contractor in Colorado Springs or elsewhere in the US, they’ll tell you about the many options you can choose from, including wood, stone, stucco, and vinyl. What will stand out is fiber cement siding, as it’s a great option when you’re building and even renovating.

Here are some reasons that make fiber cement an ideal choice for your home’s siding:


It’s environmentally friendly. Fiber cement sidings can cut down your power costs, as it’s built with a form of insulation. As this traps and controls the flow of heat in your home, you wouldn’t need as much cooling during summer and long hours of heating every winter. You’ll also protect your house from moisture with fiber cement because it prevents air and water from getting into your house’s framework.


Your siding will also act a shield from the elements. The weather in Colorado can be extreme, depending on the area and the season. This is why you should secure a siding that can stand these natural forces. Making sure your roof is weatherproof is one thing, but your siding is another. Fiber cement relieves you of this worry. It can resist fire, cold climates, pest damage, and impact.

Maintenance of the material won’t be a concern. Simple cleaning from time to time will do the trick, as it can stay in good condition for 30 years even without extensive care.


Sustainability has become a big issue in the construction industry, which is why many companies try to use materials that are recyclable and reusable. Fiber cement is one of those things, as it’s highly durable and at doesn’t pose any health risk.


With fiber cement, you don’t have to sacrifice the looks of your home to protect it. Many companies that offer this siding have an array of designs that will suit your home’s style just fine. You can even choose a design that looks like reclaimed wood for that rustic feel.

Your home’s exterior should have the strength to overcome natural forces. Fiber cement siding stands out for its innate sturdiness. Along with its sustainability and green performance, it is the ideal choice for any home in any region.