Critics Share Mixed Reviews Of New Britney Album

Britney Spears’ most recent album, “Britney Jean,” is supposed to be her most intimate record to date, but it failed to impress some critics.

britneyHeart and soul

In an open letter on the superstar’s website, Spears said she poured her “heart and soul into this album.” She also said that it’s her “most personal record yet.” The singer also added that she’s proud of the album that showcases what she had to go through in the past few years.

Mixed reviews

Entertainment Weekly gave the record a B+, saying that the album “brings us closer than ever before to that distant dreamer.”

The Washington Post had a different take on it, labelling the album as “instantly forgettable” for its ironic lack of intimacy. According to The Atlantic, “Britney Jean” is Spears’ most disappointing release yet and even called it a “snoozefest of shallow mid-tempos and limp club tracks that chase trends rather than invent them.”

Rolling Stone gave the album three and a half stars. It also received some praise from MTV.