City of Lights: How’s It Like to Live in Perth?

living in PerthAustralia is known for its high-quality living conditions. In fact, the number of immigrants and expats moving to the country has been rising for the past few years. A large portion of this number is understandably concentrated in prominent cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. One other important city, however, lags not that far behind.

The City of Perth continues to provide more reasons to live Down Under. Having its fair share of rich history and vibrant culture, it has gained considerable recognition as a world city today. Real estate agents from Applecross and Attadale don’t have to market that much as people come pouring in to look for quality properties.

Perth is one of the few cities that make urban living worthwhile. If you want to have more ideas on how it feels like to live in the city, check out the following:

City of Lights

It’s impossible to talk about Perth without mentioning its nickname—the City of Lights. It gained the moniker on February 20, 1962 when the Friendship 7 spacecraft manned by John Glenn, flew over the continent. Perth residents showed their support by turning on their lights, which illuminated the whole city. Such simple yet meaningful gestures showed a lot about the citizens’ character and their solidarity.

Vibrant Sports Culture

Perth is crazy about sports. Whether you’re a fan of association football or a cricket enthusiast, you won’t have a hard time finding your sporting niche in the city. Perth is host to a number of professional sporting teams, each doing well in their respective leagues. Every time there’s an event, expect fans to come in droves, supporting their teams until the very end of each match.

Close to Nature

Some of the residential places like Applecross real estates are near park reserves. Anyone who wants to have a break from the urban scenes can always visit parks like the Point Heathcote Reserve and Jeff Joseph Reserve. The Swan River is also a favourite spot among the nature-lovers. It blends well with the urban landscape, giving a refreshing scene after a day’s work.

Living in Perth is one worthwhile experience. The city pushes the benchmark for urban living, and redefines what it means to be a world city. This is why it continues to be a growing force when it comes to living conditions.