Dubai : No Real Estate Bubble As The Country Awaits World Expo

Hopes are high in the Middle East as the world will know whether Dubai will host the World’s Fair in 2020.

Deserving to win the bid

dubaiIf Dubai wins the bid, it will be the first World Expo to be held in the Middle East.

The logo of the country’s bid to host the expo is plastered on police cars, taxis, receipts, store bags, government run establishments, and even on new visa forms.

On the other hand, countdown to the announcement of who will host Expo 2020, appears on one of Dubai’s main roads and in one of its daily publication.

Real estate bubble

Dubai’s authorities claim their futuristic city of skyscrapers is ideal to host the event.

While the World’s expo no longer holds the popularity of other worldwide events, it remains a chance for millions of people to discuss and see the business of the future.

In the country’s massive push, there are concerns that it will head toward another real estate bubble whether it wins the bid or not.