Tips to Evaluate Diamond Color

buying loose diamondsWhen determining the value and quality of a diamond, its color is one of the four factors being considered. This is important especially when buying wholesale loose diamonds. In the case of a white diamond, the absence of color is what makes it precious. For a fancy colored one, however, the color and intensity of how it shines increase its value. Some diamonds also have a combination of two to four colors within their composition.

To know more about diamond color and how it’s graded, read on.


A pure diamond has no color and therefore has a higher value. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), a world renowned authority on precious gem stones, has set guidelines to grade diamonds. GIA’s D-to-Z grading scale is widely used. This scale measures the degree of colorlessness of a diamond by comparing a stone under controlled lighting. The scale starts with the letter D, representing colorlessness. Letter Z, on the other hand, represents a hue that is visible to the naked eye.

Make sure to know this when buying diamonds especially fancy colored ones. Note that genuine fancy diamonds are rare. The unique hues of this type of diamond are caused by natural impurities. Elements like nitrogen and boron cause diamond colors to appear. This is why you need to know these guidelines to protect you from fraudulent dealers. Most colored diamonds on the market are artificially colored through heat and high pressure.

Defining Diamond Intensity

The strength of the diamond’s color is defined by its intensity. The intensity can vary from a soft shade to a strong one. If a certain diamond has a stronger shade, it becomes more valuable. To categorize intensity level, GIA has developed an intensity grading scale. The said scale is composed of nine grades:

• Faint
• very light
• light
• fancy light
• fancy
• fancy intense
• fancy vivid
• fancy deep
• fancy dark

The intensity of the color has a direct effect on the value of a diamond. The rarer the color, the more costly it becomes. Another factor that affects color intensity is the origin of a diamond. As different diamond mines produce different shades, it’s not possible to compare a particular colored diamond with the same shade produced by another mine.

These are just simple tips. Keep these things in mind when buying diamonds so you won’t become a victim of fraudulent acts.