It’s Not Just Words: Optimising Your AdWords Campaign the Easy Way

google adwordsOne of the most stressful situations businesses and digital marketers can experience with their Google AdWords campaign is an unexpected change in performance that can’t be explained right away. Add to this the fact that your boss or client is probably flooding you with emails demanding an explanation as to why their stats are down and you’ve got hard work ahead for sure.

Say you’re running a business in the West Midlands; any decrease in your click-through rate could be a problem for your company. You and the SEO company in Birmingham you’re working with may then need to rethink your AdWords campaign and strategies. To help you out, here are a few simple tips to optimising your PPC campaigns.

Check Your Keywords

Keywords from two years ago may have helped you rank, but consumers’ minds are always changing, and so do their search terms. Keywords that were ranking back then may now be sitting still, or even going down.

A simple change in the keywords you bid on and changing the key phrase or adding something to it can help increase your search rankings. Use key phrases with high commercial intent—those that your target market will likely use. SEO and digital marketing in Birmingham and everywhere else is always changing, so it’s only logical that you update your strategies, too.

Plan out Your Landing Pages

In digital marketing, it’s all about relevancy and making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for. As such, you’ll want to plan out your landing pages so that it has a great design and is highly relevant.

Page design matters, but being relevant is way more important to make sure you have an effective landing page. Your landing page doesn’t have to be a work of visual art, but it does have to have some important elements such as a strong headline, a clear call to action, and even different landing pages for specific products or services.

Let Conversions Guide You

The whole point of an AdWords campaign is to boost conversions for what you offer. Use conversion rates as a guide to let you know what’s working and what isn’t. You can then rethink your efforts and strengthen your weak side or continue to fortify your strong campaigns.

When you experience sudden performance and CTR changes, you need to dig deeper into your PPC campaigns. You’ll need to look into every little detail to see if they’re performing as planned. It may take some effort, but it’s something that’ll pay off greatly when done right.