Under the Hood: Evaluating Your SEO Strategies

seo strategiesOne thing that’s certain when it comes to SEO is that things are always changing. Stuffing keywords into your content and website back then would’ve gotten you to the top of the search results pages, but doing that now means major penalties.

There’s a big chance that you may have already fallen for some bad advice and applied impractical strategies to your digital marketing efforts. If you’re optimising your website, changes to SEO tactics and strategies shouldn’t be something you have to worry about, though, as today’s SEO services are all striving for quality. You’ll need to do a tune-up of your site and the strategies you’re using. Here’s how.

Audit Inbound Links

The days of blasting forums and blogs with spam strategies just to get more links are now a thing of the past. Employing such strategies alongside your professional SEO services in Manchester will pull your website down in the rankings, which could then have a negative effect on your business in London or elsewhere.

Have the SEO company you’re working with do an audit of your inbound links. A complete inbound link audit will help identify bad links that are pointing to your website. You can then get these bad links removed or disavowed.

Audit from a Technical SEO Point-of-View

After getting rid of the spammy links, check your website and look at it from a technical point-of-view. Designing and developing your site means it should be easy for search engines to crawl through, loads quickly, has useful and properly organised content, and with complete meta tags. The expert SEO services in Manchester you hire should include these and more. Ask a professional for a thorough website SEO audit if you need help with this.

Rethink Your Content Strategy

In SEO, good content is everything. It’s not enough that you post new articles and blogs weekly; it should be something useful, well-written, and related to your business. Start with the basics. Spelling and grammar count matter, especially if you’re in a competitive industry. Search engines see poorly-written content as a negative thing for your site, and so do your readers. Your content is a reflection of your business, and big businesses don’t make mistakes at such basic levels.

After doing an initial website audit, schedule a regular review. Any time Google updates its algorithm is a good time to do another audit on current strategies and tactics. This is to keep your site updated and running smoothly.