Atmosphere’s Greenhouse Gas Hits New High

The greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere hit a new high last year according to the UN weather agency on Wednesday.

greenhouseRecord breaker

According to the annual report on greenhouse gases of the international agency, the concentration of methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide in the air had been the highest the world had ever experienced.

CO2, the main contributor to global warming, reached 393.1 parts per million last year, way greater than the previous years’ numbers.

Ratchet Effect

University of Cambridge ocean physics professor Peter Wadhams said that carbon dioxide has a “ratchet effect.”

According to Wadhams, the world will suffer from the consequences of the high concentration of greenhouse gases for a long time, as the influence of these elements last for about 100 years.

Climate change has become a global concern which poses a great threat to the environment by changing weather patterns and melting the ice caps in polar regions. Many movements have been setting up measures to counter this phenomenon in the past years.