The Aftermath of Hummingbird Update to SEO

seoHummingbird improved search results and will boost mobile search and voice search for users as well, according to Google. Although it’s a new algorithm and being billed as the most established change in a long while, it’s just an evolution. Far from killing SEO, the Google update has served to make sure that those willing to put the effort will get their just rewards. If you’re one of them, hiring professional services is the first step.

Here are some of the changes that happened to SEO services after the Hummingbird update:

Long-Term Keywords and Conversational Queries

Long-tail keywords have always been considered beneficial because they normally have a high conversion rate from highly targeted visitors. Hummingbird will be looking at the search strings of three, four, five, or more words. Rather than breaking these words, it will deliver results for the whole search string. Long-tail keywords added to high-quality content can get more traffic for your website in the long run. The Google update considers the whole sentence and then looks for the most relevant results.

Mobile Search and Voice Search

SEO analysts believe that mobile search and voice search are heavily influenced by Google’s objective to become more mobile. Other than its mobile search engine pages, Google also owns Android that has its own voice search capabilities. Voice search means more conversational and natural language. Rather than looking for one or two-word phrase, people now use whole sentences and more complex queries when they speak.

Hummingbird will determine the highest-quality and most relevant pages that meet the needs of searchers. Websites that place well under this algorithm change will also experience an increase in the mobile traffic as a result. Get help from SEO experts to ensure better performance in the SERPs.

Content Marketing Strategy

Google is effectively promoting websites that provide a well-rounded and general approach to a specific topic. Delivering this level of content ensures the best results for your site. Content marketing means offering high-quality content both on and off the pages of your site. It means producing content regularly that users will surely enjoy, link, like, share, and discuss. All of these factors will improve your search profile, performing better in search.

Every new Google update brings new cries that SEO is dead. Following the Hummingbird update, SEO certainly changed, but is far from dead. You just need to find ways to regularly implement high-quality content and innovate, like hiring SEO services focused on mobile search. With the experts’ help, your content will appear more authoritative with readers, users, and the search engines.