Three Things to Speed Up Recovery Time in CrossFit

crossfit trainingCrossFit is a popular strength and conditioning program performed by professional athletes, special military units, and police officers in America. With this elite list of participants in this program, you can already imagine how physically-demanding this exercise is. The core of CrossFit is the high-intensity “workout of the day,” or WOD.

As CrossFit classes are usually held several times a week, it’s important to recover fast from your training. Your body has to repair torn muscle groups and regain your lost energy not only to recuperate from the taxing workout, but also to boost your performance in the next session. As CrossFit is a strenuous exercise, you need to do more than just resting to speed up your recovery time.

High-Protein Supplements

Taking an extra dose of protein supplements within the first hour after the workout is beneficial to your WOD recovery. While you can beef up your diet plan with large amounts of protein-loaded food, drinks and vegetarian capsules are a great addition to your regimen. Nutritional supplements improve your digestion, allowing your body to absorb protein faster. Combining proper diet and high-protein supplements cuts down the time you need to be a 100% come your next Crossfit session.

Fish Oil

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients that can improve your health in many ways, including reduction of muscle inflammation. After a tough workout, the damaged parts of your body are likely to swell as your immune cells eliminate waste and fight off pathogens. Swelling causes discomfort to your muscles, making it harder for you to move. Unfortunately, your body can produce omega-3 fatty acids all by itself. This is why you need to include a prime source of this nutrient in your diet plan like fish. Taking omega-rich fish oil is instrumental in post-WOD recovery.

Travel Roller

Working out on a travel roller is an effective way to decrease lactic acid buildup and improve the mobility in your joints. Incorporating this foam roller on your pre and post-exercises can help you loosen tight muscles. With pliable joints and muscles free from soreness, you can find it easier to perform CrossFit workouts and feel less pain the following day.

CrossFit is already a hard workout, and you need all the help you can get. By creating the perfect training regimen, no workout is so tough to recover from and ready your body for the next taxing session.