Philippines: The Place to Put Up Your Business

The Philippines is one of the most sought after locations in Southeast Asia for many businesses looking to establish BPOs and KPOs. Businesses looking to expand would do well in choosing this country, especially if they register under PEZA.

ayala avenue makati central business districtWhat PEZA is about

PEZA is one of the Philippine government’s eight agencies under the Department of Trade and Industry. It’s there to offer assistance and promote investments by issuing grant incentives and competent tax benefits to aid in facilitating business operations that deal with export-oriented businesses and services in selected areas around the country. These areas are usually found in Makati, Taguig, Subic, and Laguna.


Another reason the Philippines is a great location for foreign business expansion is the abundance of manpower. The Philippines is a country filled with educated and competent professionals who can do an exceptional job in performing tasks and duties assigned to them. This wealth of skill and knowledge is ideal to run any enterprise at any given time.

Infrastructure and technology

The infrastructure around the Philippines is nothing short of world-class. Sky-scrapers and solid buildings can be seen around the metro if one takes time to look around. The same advancement could be said when it comes to available technology in the country.


The Philippines is known for its hospitable people. Because the Filipino people’s hospitality extends to their business practice, many consulting firms provide services in comprehensive business development. This includes business registrations, visa processing services, processing legalities of paperwork, and aid in setting up an office to help foreign investors.

The Philippines have long underlined the importance of offshore outsourcing because it’s one of the key elements contributing to its GDP. Because the government itself is encouraging foreign investors to setup their businesses in the country and even offering additional help to foreign investors through fiscal and non-fiscal benefits, the Philippines is definitely the best country to expand your business.