It’s Time To Stop Saying “Plus – Size”

plusThe demand for plus-size apparel is increasing, with 60% of American women now make up the plus-size market. Despite this, maybe it is time to stop saying “plus-size.”

Alternative term

A retailer from the same parent firm as Lane Bryant,, conducted a survey of plus-size women and asked them what do they prefer when describing their size.

The national poll, which surveyed 1,000 American women size 14 and above, discovered that 28% of them prefer the term “curvy.”

After that, the participants were split. And 25% of them prefer “plus-size” and 25% said they would rather be called “full-figured.”

When given the option, many women said they chose an alternative term altogether. Participants suggested “normal,” “average,” and “beautiful” as top choices.

Key source of inspiration

The website also asked women about their shopping preferences, including questions about their challenging experiences and how they go about choosing.

Thirty percent of participants said their major source of inspiration are curvy family and friends, followed by plus-size models.  19% of them look at the plus-size features in major lifestyle magazines. And 13% look to the runways of Full Figured Fashion Week.

Overall, “straight-size” fashion magazines and fashion icons ranked low.