AEG Live Not Guilty Of Michael Jackson’s Death

After weeks of deliberation, the jury has found that the concert promotion company of Michael Jackson, AEG Live, is not guilty of negligence in hiring Dr. Conrad Murray.

AEG: Not guilty

Michael_jacksonThe King of Pop’s mother, Katherine Jackson, and his three kids had filed a lawsuit against the concert promoter in 2010, claiming that the company was liable in hiring the doctor to tend to the pop star.

Dr Murray was convicted ofinvoluntary manslaughter and imprisoned for four years over the star’s death in 2009. Jackson died at the age of 50 due to a fatal dose of surgical anesthetic.

The Jackson family had been seeking $290 million for emotional losses, in addition to an unspecified amount for economic losses, a money AEG called “absurd.”

Jackson’s drug use

After the verdict was read out, AEG Live lead defense attorney Marvin Putnam said the jury “got it exactly right.”

To reach its verdict, the jury of six women and six men had to undergo five major yes-no questions to determine ifAEG was responsible for Murray’s hiring in the first place.

Throughout the trial, Jackson’s drug use was deliberated at great length, as was his passion for performing.