The Perfect Fit: Choosing the Right Diamond Ring Setting

diamond ringYou’ve selected the perfect diamond, paying attention to the stone’s carat, color, clarity, and cut. Now it’s time you choose the perfect ring setting.

Ring settings are the foundation of diamonds. They showcase the diamond beautifully and hold them in place. They also protect them against outside pressure. While diamonds are the center of attraction, they wouldn’t shine well without a carefully-selected setting. Choosing a setting for GIA loose diamonds at wholesale rates is just as important as selecting the stones. This is why you need to pay attention carefully. Here are some tips on selecting the perfect diamond setting:

Choose Your Metal

There are different kinds of metals used as settings for diamonds. The most popular choices include gold, silver, and platinum, but titanium and stainless are also available. When choosing a metal, consider your partner’s taste and style. Select one which can complement her wardrobe and can fit her current jewelry collection. Metals with yellow or gold color look gorgeous and luxurious and can complement gold necklaces and earrings. Silver, white gold, and platinum exude a lovely silver hue, and all match other silver jewelry and a variety of clothing colors.

It’s also important that you consider your partner’s skin tone when choosing a setting. Gold settings look good on lighter skin tone while silver fits a darker complexion. Remember, however, that your choice also influences the overall cost of the ring. If you choose platinum or gold, you need to get ready to pay a higher price.

Know the Different Settings

From prong, to bezel, to channel, and tension, there are different kinds of ring settings you can choose from. Prong-style settings hold the stone in place through claws. Perfect for any stone cut, it allows more light to hit the diamond, making it shine brilliantly. Channel settings, on the other hand, display a row of diamonds across the face of the ring. Bezel settings set a stone deep within the metal. Tension settings trap the diamond between two pressurized shanks, displaying the stone to its fullest. Cluster settings surround the diamond with a group of smaller stones, making the stone look bigger.

Select a Size That Flatters

Choose a setting that flatters your partner’s hand. Larger rings with big cut of diamonds are ideal for larger hands, as smaller settings will make them look even bigger. Smaller hands, on the other hand, will look more proportional with a smaller ring. Diamonds with a vertical design, such as a marquis, oval, or pear, make hands look longer and slender. Horizontal diamond cuts, however, add width to hands.

Other than carefully choosing loose diamonds offered at wholesale prices, it’s also important to select the perfect setting for the stones as well. A brilliant-cut diamond with the right setting will make for a perfect engagement or wedding ring.