Top Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

custom printingMost small business owners have the time to be involved with the day-to-day operations of the retail store. Owners also have the time to develop marketing ideas or promotional events.

Unfortunately, some owners see marketing as overly time-consuming, while others find it unreasonably costly. Without announcing your business and your products and services, it’ll be difficult for customers to know you.

Fortunately, there are many cost-effective and time-saving marketing ideas available for small business owners, including:

Custom-Printed Products

Custom-print calendars, shirts, and other products for customers. Include the name and address of your business on these products. Custom-print letterheads, fax cover sheets, and other business documents. Include the name, address, logo, and motto or tagline of your business on these papers.

Once you hand them out, these custom-printed items can help make your business known to your customers and potential customers.

Innovative Business Cards

Business cards are the traditional items used to promote a business. To make them more interesting, print your products and services on the back of the cards.

Once printed, carry the business cards with you wherever you go. Hand them out for free, but ask permission to leave them in places your customers or potential customers may visit.

Trade Associations

Join a trade association or organization related to your business.

Product Draws

Have draws for products or promotional items, like gift certificates. Use the customers’ entry forms to collect their contact details.

Using their contact details, send the customers newsletters, brochures, or leaflets containing a list of your products and services. Ask for their permissions first, to avoid irritating or bothering them.

Monthly Clinics

Conduct monthly clinics about one of your products or services, or schedule semi-annual seminars focusing on “how to” information related to your business.

As the marketing industry continues to evolve, people are coming up with more ways to promote small businesses. To learn more small business marketing ideas, research further or contact industry specialists.